The Dining Room Decor. A Quick Guide for Lazy People #1

The Dining Room Decor

Interior Design by Marina Klima Goldberg: Klima Design Group, LLC

It used to be that you buy a dining room set just to use it twice a year for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Well, times have changed. We all try to eat healthier, right? Our children and grandchildren are not so easily bribed with a candy or a hot dog. Like it or not, we entertain more at home and use the dining room more often. So, why not make the process of decorating the dining room into a creative event that you will enjoy and be proud of? You might want to secretly cater some of the food, and that is perfectly fine. But if your dining room looks inviting, you’ve  got half of the party covered! Trust me, you will love it!

Just like with good cooking, there are thousands of creative ways to a beautiful modern dining room. But who has the time to go through all the choices? So, I decided to document my day-to-day process that became The Dining Room Decor. A Quick Guide for Lazy People. Stay tuned for more articles to come within the next couple of weeks.

Meanwhile, here are some tips to decide on the measurements and seats.


  1. How to measure for the table and chairs? 


Map out with newspaper Read More

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Case Study: Living Room Decorating Ideas

Interior Design: Klima Design Group, LLC



  • How to make blue-grey tones warm and inviting in the living room.
  • How to add accessories and details to highlight the wall art.
  • Why use bolder objects for display.

Just like most of us, my client wanted a comfortable living room to relax. Her preferred paint colors were blue-grey with tan and blue-green colors for upholstery. And she disliked orange. Period. Read More

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3 Creative Ways to Decorate with 2 Story Curtains

2 Story Windows -by George Interior Design

2 Story Windows -by George Interior Design

If you bought your house for a two-story living room, I bet  it takes your breath away every time you walk in. Finally, you feel that you get enough light and air to make up for crowded streets and trains that are left behind. But you keep on thinking that those two-story windows need something. And that “something” is going to cut a chunk off your next vacation plans. So, you putting off your windows decorating project month after month.

The good news is that, with a little planning, you might be able to get those two story curtains you need to finish up the room.

I will not lie to you. Two-story curtains take up a lot of fabric, so they cannot be really cheap. But there are ways to cut the cost if you approach this project creatively.

Here are 3 ways to reduce the cost of the draperies or curtains for a two-story living room: Read More

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