How to Design Twenty Foot Ceiling Window Treatment.

Two Story Window Treatments

It is true that window treatments create the first  impression for your home. Just like eyes are the windows to your  soul, your house windows are connectors  between you, your home and the world you live in. 

If you think about that, it is no wonder that it is the windows that we think of first when we decorate our homes. For a very long time retailers and manufacturers of window covering industry create large variety of accessories for window treatments. It is amazing that you can find all colors and shades of trim, beautiful lines of rods and finials- you name it, they have it. We found that a good retail resource for window treatments in Central New Jersey is Fabricland. They provide a large selection of options from DIY to fully custom draperies and light control systems, such as shades and blinds.

The truth is that if you are lucky to have large or tall windows, they will make your home beautiful with or without window treatments.

But if you are really considering draperies, below are some tips of what worked for us through many installations for the draperies:

1. Size matters. For tall and narrow windows, try to make them look wider by extending beyond the windows onto the wall. For example, in the picture below  you can see that the draperies were extended onto the wall on both sides to make them look wider.

2. Shape them up. This is something that you can really play with. For example, for four small windows, we pretended  that we only had two long ones. This is where your creativity comes into play. The key is to try to see outside the box- the window box.  Also, think about the shapes of the room and what would complement it.  Is it too boxy and you want a softer look? Do you want to frame the view?

3. Fabric and Trim. It does not have to be expensive, besides some of the expensive fabrics do not look good if other elements are not in place for your design. For example, solid color fabrics could be pretty but they might need coordinating trim, which can run you between $15-$100 a yard. We like to add trim to highlight certain parts of the draperies and try to cut cost when possible.   On the other hand  there are so many faux silks that look and feel great without costing a fortune. If you want your draperies to really drape, stay away from  linens and cottons and/or heavier upholstery fabric.

4. Lining and interlining. Unless you are going for sheers, your drapes should be lined.  Interlining is another layer of special fabric between the main fabric and the lining. Most professional designers prefer interlined draperies because they look so much better.  It is just like wearing a structured gown, it looks richer and fits better lined. After all, fashion and home furnishings are somewhat parts of  the same thing.

6.  Select the right installer. The installer is your best friend after you selected the fabric, trim and hardware. Only the installer should be the one measuring for you even before you order the fabric.  Measuring is very important, and unless you are in this business, you will not know all the details and make the expensive mistakes. Besides, some of the installers can order shades or other light control coverings at a discounted price since many of them are the products distributors.

5. Select the right workroom. Workmanship is very important. If you are not making the drapes yourself, consider hiring a good, reliable workroom. When you do, ask them to see their work, references by other customers and the time frame for the completion.

In our next issue, we will share with you in detail how to create your own designs for windows easily and effortlessly. Stay tuned!

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  1. Wow 20ft windows…I wish
    I have ‘regular’ size windows and still have a hard time dressing them.
    Then again I rent, so I’m not into getting into decorating here but you gave me some valuable info for when I move to a house.

      • Designing your home is a personal iecxreenpe that explores your unique lifestyle and the designer you choose. Home decoration is the most changeable element of the built environment. It gives us the chance to model or amend space as deemed fit and therefore, personalize it.

  2. This is a nice guide, I have just moved into a new place with tall windows and I think I will use some of your tips. Thank you!

  3. These tips are really great! Never imagined things like that before. And I must agree that not all expensive fabrics are good to look at. Before, I really loved buying expensive fabrics to be used at home. I was just thinking that it would look good but then later I realized that it wasn’t good to look at or classy as I’ve expected it to be. But this blog is really an eye opener to all housewives.

  4. This is a great take on choosing the right draperies for your home. Most of the times, choosing the perfect drapery can be confusing that I, myself would end up choosing a wrong one. After reading your tips, I now have the idea of how I can choose the best draperies to open up and give a wider space for my home. Thanks for these wonderful ideas!

  5. Oh! This is just… the right time. I am currently looking for ways to make my high ceilings more of … making it into an advantage rather than disadvantage. Thanks for these amazing tips. You see I have been browsing and surfing for ideas and by far this is what I liked most. Now, I know how to choose the right draperies.
    Your insight that not all expensive fabrics are the best, very true indeed! Believe me, I have tried a few (it really ripped off my wallet) but still, I am not satisfied with the outcome.

  6. Grasping the ideas from this blog; I can suggest them to friends who have difficulties designing a huge window. How you handle your windows well to embrace elegance is hard to do, but the ideas lifted in this blog will surely ease the problem in handling them.

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