How to Design a Bedroom with Teal and Gold Colors. Decorating Bedroom Ideas.

Bedroom Design in Teal and Gold by Klima Design Group, LLC

Bedroom Design in teal and Gold by Klima Design Group, LLC

So, you don’t know how to design your bedroom. You are not alone. Somehow, you got the family room covered. But when it comes to bedroom design, you just close the door. Nobody sees it.



I believe that decorating a bedroom should be the first thing you want to do in the house. So what if nobody sees it? This is your sacred place, your private sanctuary. Whether you want to feel cozy and comfortable or express yourself with color and accessories, go for it.

You can start with picking up a paint color. If you do, choose it but don’t buy. Not yet. There are so many gorgeous paint colors out there that chances are you will fall in love with two or three.

Just do me a favor. Before you run to a paint store invest a little time in a prep work and I do not mean the walls.

Now let me ask you a question. Do you know when most people hire designers? Let me be honest with you. In many cases it happens when they get stuck and nothing works in the room. You buy those draperies because they are pretty and price is right. Then you buy bedding for the same reasons. You forgot to make pictures of the draperies before buying the bedding. Then you get beautiful lamps without measuring your night stands. You bring them home and they are too short, or too long. Does that sound familiar?

If it does you need to do some planning. If you don’t, I guarantee that you will spend much more money than you wanted. You don’t want to wake up next day to discover that your comforter does not match, your curtains are wrong for the room and the rug needs to be tossed. So take a piece of paper and make an action plan, just like you do at work.

Here are the steps you take:

  1. Find out the location of the windows. Are they to the North or to the South? If your bedroom has northern exposure, you want to balance cool and warm colors. Cool colors are blues and greens; warm colors are yellows and browns. Many color experts say that if your windows are to the north, you should use warmer colors for the walls. I don’t agree with this. I like to go with natural light and then balance out colors with accessories and draperies just like you see in the above picture of the project we recently did.
  2. Decide what stays and what goes in the room and work with the existing colors. The last thing you want to do is to be stuck with certain wall or ceiling paint color and not to be able to find coverlet or window treatments that work with it. You can get many ideas for decorating bedrooms but nobody will tell you what to keep and what to give away.  My word of advice: think about the bedding and window treatments first because they are more expensive and only then decide how to paint the room.
  3. Pick the main color that you love and create a color scheme. There are many resources and options with Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams to name a few. It is always better to create five colors palette. This includes floor, bedding, accessories, millwork and draperies. Choose one color out of five that stands out and use it in small portions to make the room more exciting.
  4. Apply paint in all four corners of the room and relax. Look at it at different time of day and night with natural and artificial lighting. Then when you decide on a color still don’t paint at night. You do not want to wake up in the morning with what I call “color hangover” and find out that your paint color looked totally different the night before.
  5. Have the paint chips with you when you shop for accessories. They will almost always help you but if you don’t have the paint chips you are on your own.
  6. Choose lighting wisely. If most of your colors are cool like blue or green, ask for a bulb (lamp) from 3500K to 4100K for your lighting. If your colors are mostly warm, like yellow or brown, ask for 3000K to 3100K. If you have a combination, use 3500K lamps (bulbs).

And remember, there are always ways to learn how to design a bedroom but if you want it to be uniquely yours, listen to your heart and plan.


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  1. Wow, this really made me rethink my bedroom.
    Right now it’s just kinda ‘thrown together’
    May have to rethink design and check out some gold accents…love the look in the pic.

  2. The room is lovely, you pulled it together beautifully.The furniture is very similar to mine right down to the fireplace.I am moving to a condo and MUST repaint my soon to be bedroom.(flourescent pink)is not for me!!I have a southern exposure and light from patio doors.i thought the paint you used was a hue of gray but you say its teal.i like it..a lot.what do you suggest(floors are hardwood just a little darker)

  3. Pingback:

    • Hi Marilyn,I ralely like #1 as well you have a ralely nice color sense. I guess I’m curious to see how this color scheme goes with various images, however since it looks wonderful with your beautiful sidebar thumbnail images, that doesn’t seem like too much of an issue.

  4. I like these ideas. I have wanted to add some color to our bedroom for a while, but my husband is afraid of colors, everything is white. Any thing you could recommend to add some color, but not to dramatic?

  5. Since when I was just a child, decorating my room was one of best activities. And since I don’t have any formal education in interior design, I just do whatever comes into my mind. Thus, I keep on arranging and rearranging my things and yet I’m not comfortable with what it looks like. Now, that I am married I should consider my husband as well. After reading your blog, I’ve realized that it’s not the arrangement but the paint color we need to modify. Maybe it’s time for us to change. Thank you for giving me steps to follow here, for sure my husband will finally be satisfied with what our room looks like after following your tips here.

  6. This blog really caught my attention! I am not the type who would care so much how my bedroom would look like. I actually have the same belief—my bedroom is a closed door so no need to worry about what it looks like. But then, I remembered my fiancée staying for the night once and she was very upset how untidy I am. I’ve tried looking for the best bedroom tips that I could get but it just never worked out for me. I’m looking for a design for my bedroom that matches who I am and what I want, and I am glad to have found it in your blog! Everything you said made perfect sense and now I’m inspired to recreate the look of my bedroom!

    • Thank you for your comment. Somehow, many people like this bedroom which makes me happy. It was a cool project. reach out if you need help with your own decorating. Also, my website is

  7. I got it now, Teal is perfect!!!!
    Right now, we are on dilemma on choosing a color for a new lift for your interiors especially our bedroom. You have laid out all the insights in a very amazing way. I really loved the idea. Actually, I am things of painting our room with a touch of gray but still undecided on its actual color. Teal is perfect!
    It’s been weeks that I am getting a little confused on my color preference, I have an idea but I felt it needs something more. When I stumble upon your share, I really fell in love with it. Now, it’s time for me to move forward with teal!!!! thanks

  8. We are planning to paint my mom’s bedroom with one accent wall against her bed and the rest in a fairly neutral color. When I stumbled upon your post, I can see how beautiful it is to use Teal and Gold colors for her bedroom. It is supposed to be a surprise, I’m very sure she’s going to love it.

    I also showed your idea to my oldest brother. Now, he keeps on cranking me to start moving with our project. He seems very interested in your suggestions. I will get back to you with my mom’s reaction. This is getting exciting!!!! Love your posts Marina and I will keep coming back for more.

  9. With our busy lifestyle, having a retreat to retire to at the end of the day rather than just a bed to sleep in is almost a matter of necessity. After reading your blog, I have all the idea how to manage a beautiful and comfortable room to relax. I can now imagine a perfect room to work on, thank you for the tips.

  10. ” So, you don’t know how to design your bedroom. You are not alone. Somehow, you got the family room covered. But when it comes to bedroom design, you just close the door. Nobody sees it.” — Guilty as charged!

  11. I’ve always been one of those people who are too intimidated to design their bedroom. I may not be an expert still but I found your tips to be a good stepping stone. Helpful as always!

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