Why Breaking the Rules with New Awesome Paint Colors is is a Good Thing

If you are thinking about painting a room or two this spring, you are so lucky! Your home or office can now look spectacular with new Color Stories paint colors by Benjamin Moore.

You can now enjoy incredible depth of color and luminosity from just one container of paint.

Right after Benjamin Moore introduced 240 new paint colors I cannot stop looking at my color chips.  Should I go with tomato tango,  mexican hot chocolate or kept love letters?  I am looking at the chips and my face softens with designer’s joy. They are beautiful. 

Just recently the company came up with full color spectrum paints, which means that there is no black and white tints in the mix. That promotes a color saturation that is intense and beautiful.

Now there are five to seven pigments in the mixing process instead of conventional three that were used before. And because of that there is no chalky, milky quality of the paint color, and that is awesome!

I guess I spent more hours mixing paint than it is possible to remember. I came to the interior design world from literally a color mixing world. It all started with color and faux painting. I remember the amazement of the clients when we were sitting for hours on their outside porch with a stick in hand, stirring and editing, squeezing out some little drops from small containers in  pursuit of “color happiness.” It could take three, four hours before the brush touched the wall. We looked at a room at different times of day, what it was used for, the direction of the sun, the natural and artificial lighting… Some adjustments to the paint color could only be made on site and had a mystery to them, no human explanation. Just a couple of crazy artists glazing and faux painting the walls to create some stunning finishes.  That was us a long time ago.

If you think that interior designers are less nuts about a perfect paint color, think again.

Let’s break the rules this spring!

It all started when Benjamin Moore decided to break all the rules of color mixing. So, why don’t we follow the trend and forget the rules. I know all the smart interior design and decorating books will tell you to get your furniture and accessories first. Then wall and ceiling paint is on the last page of the story. I would be the first person to agree with that. But there is such thing as inspiration, and the new colors are inspiring. As far as price is concerned, they are not so cheap and only available in my favorite Aura product with low VOCs and great durability.  At $65.00 retail, some of us will think about an accent wall. Forget the rules if that gives you joy and let your home have an accent! Xo!

Happy painting!

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  1. I love the tomato tango, I have been looking for a good color for an accent wall for our family room. Of course then I will need to get some new furniture to go with it. So many decisions :-).

  2. This one here is very exciting. Just like with our life-too plain is too boring! Yeah right, why not forget the rules and decide on something that can bring you as much joy and happiness? Benjamin Moore keeps on coming up with products to make our lives more exciting and colorful. In this world where problems in economic, government, and even family are just, people should at least try to loosen up and get out of their shells. Discover how changes can affect lives and moods. Benjamin Moore helps us make our life easier, so why not try?

  3. This is one of the posts that I like very much. I completely agree that we also need to break the rules and try new awesome color to have accents for our home. I think breaking rules are a good thing most of the time, especially when it comes to decorating your home. Choosing traditional colors for your home sure does give your home color, but it robs the sense of excitement from your home. By having a burst of colors painted in your home, that will surely give your home an attractive and creative look, which I believe anybody would love to have. Thanks for this wonderful post and keep sharing your ideas!

  4. Thanks, these tips are really very useful!!!!!
    We renovated our entire exterior with paints and a few changes about 3 years ago. Our neighbor come over to ask what colors used. When I told him, she screamed “green and red”! This is the result. WE LOVE IT!! WE’RE GOING TO EXPERIMENT ON IT!!!!!
    While other homes are beautiful, we still need some practical and ENTIRELY NEW ideas. My wife just bought a very conservative home in California and we could use some of these tips and ideas to hype up dull and boring look.

  5. Notice what your eye does in response to where those colors break, with the play of these colors you’ll end up being clean and modern without the least bit of sterility. Sometimes, a different finish can bring with it a sense of beauty and art. The differences between generations will be more significant than there are now. Bold combinations of colors and materials make a fine place to hang. The ideas on the mixes on paint colors can make a modern cozy home.

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