Five DIY Projects to Help Older Parent Stay at Home of Choice

older people in love

Let me take a guess…You wish you had more time for yourself, family and friends, don’t we all?

Children, parents, work, home…it is endless.

And when it comes to worrying about older parent’s safety at home, you just hope that she stays more or less safe and age at home for as long as possible. And trust me, she wishes  for that as well.

The last thing that mom or dad want is for you to run  second shift helping them out in their house.

In fact, there is the whole home modification industry – Aging in Place  that is about aging at home of your choice as people get older.

Besides, who wants a huge nursing home or assisted living bill that makes you choke?

As we get older, we keep on golfing, swimming, playing tennis but if the vision, flexibility and hearing are not the same, there is an obvious threat to safety at home and just one fall in elderly age can change everything.

If that is what you are concerned about, you will save yourself a lot of time and money if you modify a home for a safer, more independent living.

Besides, finding a solution for your older parent to be safer at home can be easier than you expect.

Here are some suggestions for a few weekend DIY projects that might save you, literally.

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