Why Great Task Lighting Makes “A” List for Dad’s Gift Ideas


If you are still debating between an I Pad, I Phone, Kindle as Father’s Day gifts to make him happy you might be surprised that a real book could be what he really wants.

Technology is awesome and we embrace it,  but what if your dad enjoys holding a hard covered book instead? What if turning pages and real bookmarking brings him joy? In the world of shiny LED screens a simple reading from a paper book  feels like a homemade meal or a hand knitted blanket.

It is possible that the only thing that separates your father from reading is bad task lighting in his room. You can help him enjoy reading more by getting beautiful and functional task lighting lamps for his office, living room and bedroom.

After all, we have been using a cold glass screen for a couple of decades while books have been around since the invention of the printing press for over 500 years.

A good thing is that for now, only for now we can still find a good book to read. I bet you that our fathers and mothers appreciate it even more.

Here are some gifts ideas that will help him be more comfortable reading his favorite books or looking at his favorite family pictures.  They are enlightening. Literally.

A couple of changes in lighting could go a long way to help your dad enjoy reading more or doing many different things.

For the desk: A great reading lamp.

6514 Table Lamp by Holtkotter

When you choose a reading lamp you want at least some of the the following features:

  • Maximum wattage (remember, people over 40 need three times more lighting)
  • Enclosed shade to avoid bright contrast
  • Dimmer installed for energy savings and options
  • Accessible and easy switch
  • Warm color temperature – has to say 2900K-3000K on the bulb box.

A good example is  Holtkotter 6514 Halogen Table Lamp.  It has the great precision dimmer built into the base. Its halogen bulb adjusts smoothly from a very bright natural light that’s great for reading down to beautiful mood lighting. It gives out true reading light and it is compact size. It is specifically designed for the “aging eye” that needs brighter task lighting.

For the bedroom: Consider a swing arm lamp.

Bedroom lighting is no longer for decoration or mood lighting as it used to be.

  • Get the swing arm lamp and install it on the shoulder level of a sitting person
  • Make sure that switch is accessible to reach
  • Enclosed shade is important

Good examples of  fine swing arm lamps are  the award-winning design of  the Tolomeo Micro Wall Lamp by Artemide or a swing arm lamp by Holtkoetter . This light is smoothly adjustable with the distinctive tension cables and internal tension wires, and a shade that rotates up to 360 degrees.

What if he only reads from his favorite armchair?

Floor Lamp 6451 by Holtkotter

Floor Lamp 6451 by Holtkotter

Of course, everyone is different, and some people only read in the armchair, at least for pleasure. If dad is one of them, check out Holkoetter Floor Lamp 6451.

The advantage of this lamp is that it is dual or even triple function which means that it is not only a perfect reading lamp, but also flexible and adjustable as overall source of ambient lighting.

You might come up with different gifts ideas, and I am sure that whatever you decide to do will be memorable and meaningful experience.

I invite you to share it with us as well as whatever your thoughts and opinions.


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  1. You know what? This is real. This is true that even though technology is trying to overpower the classic way of the way we spend our free time we cannot deny the fact that books are still the best. A lamp is unusual or let me say “weird” gift, but after reading this blog I’ve realized that this is a unique gift and very functional. And since lamps have different types I can choose the kind of lamp that suits the personality or need of someone who receives the gift. Brilliant idea, especially now that Christmas season is coming. For sure, choosing a lamp as a gift is something different. Thanks for suggesting, this is really great!

  2. I have an uncle who has an eyesight problem yet he never stops reading! He likes to read a good book and most of the time whenever I visit, we would always argue about it. Even if it’s really dark, he would still be holding a paperback while enjoying a cup of coffee. After reading this post, it gave me an idea. I will make sure that all the lighting in his home would accommodate him and his love for reading. I realized I can’t take away his passion for reading but what I can do is to make sure that the lighting in his home is conducive for reading. Thanks for the wonderful ideas!

  3. Right, this is a unique gift I could ever give; I never think that this could be very beneficial, thank you for the idea Marina. I will suggest this to a friend, she will be glad with the idea, her father loved to read, she would tell me that her father usually kills most of his time reading and reading. This gift will only incorporate with what my friend always have in mind which is: like a light, her father shines with dignity and respect because of his accomplishments, but his lights radiates the brightest for maintaining their family as cohesive unit with love and faith as its foundation. I think a lamp will make her father smile. Thank you again for the idea.

  4. This is a very good gift idea for my father-in-law who loves reading books before going to sleep. He deserves a new lamp! Thanks for sharing.

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